Wine tastes better from an engraved wine glass

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Those who appreciate fine wine say that wine tastes better from a good wine glass. If this is correct, then an engraved crystal wine glass will make the wine taste better than a cheap plastic cup.

Taste can sometimes be subjective, but there are sound reasons why a glass makes a difference.

The shape of the glass

There are three main ways in which the shape of the glass affects how the wine tastes:

1. The amount of oxygen that reaches the wine, and how the wine can breathe.

2. The space available for the face and the nose.

3. The direction that the wine reaches the mouth and the taste buds that are activated first.

Red wines need to breathe for a while before drinking. This is achieved by using a glass with a wide bowl which allows more oxygen to enter the wine. A wide glass enables the nose to smell more of the wine’s aroma.

For sparkling wine, the recommended glass is a narrow tulip one. This prevents the bubbles from escaping fast and preserves the fizzy taste.

White wine glasses have a smaller bowl than red wine glasses

The tongue has areas that detect taste – bitter at the back, sour at the sides, salty to the front right and left and sweet in the middle front area. The shape of the glass affects the speed at which the wine flows and which part of the tongue it hits first. This can affect the perception of taste.

Does wine taste better from a glass?

In theory, wine tastes no different from a metal cup than the best quality crystal glass. However, steel will feel colder on the lips. You could drink wine from beer tankard or tumbler, but the experience will be different. The wine should taste the same, but most people feel that it tastes better from a good glass.

Tasting wine is a multisensory experience that involves more than the sense of taste. Aroma is a key element, as is the look of the wine, its colour and the bubbles if it is a sparkling variety. There is also the feeling of holding the drinking container in the hand. All this adds to the wine-tasting experience. To most people, there is a marked difference between drinking good wine from an opaque plastic cup compared to drinking from an engraved crystal wine glass.

For the wine lovers in your life, perhaps the perfect gift is an engraved wine glass. If your budget can afford it, choose a crystal engraved wine glass that looks beautiful and enhances the wine drinking experience.

The glass can be engraved with any text to mark an occasion or achievement, or simply act as a sign of gratitude to someone you care about.

An engraved wine glass is a personalised gift that is useful. Some may like to preserve their engraved wine glass in a display cabinet, but many people believe that would be a waste. Engraved wine glasses should be used for what they are made for – drinking fine wine.

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