Wine glass engraving makes drinkware special

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Whether you know someone who is a wine expert or just enjoys the occasional glass, wine glasses make a perfect present.

The benefits of personalised gifts

Engraved wine glasses are personalised gifts that appeal to the recipient alone. A gift that contains a personal message boosts a relationship, as it tells someone that they are special.

The message on an engraved wine glass is a way to express your personality, and to say how much a loved one means to you. If you give engraved wine glasses to employees, it communicates a message that you appreciate their work and how they contribute to the business.

Personalised gifts are ideal for any occasion – a celebration birthday or anniversary, saying thank you or congratulations. Personalised gifts celebrate achievements, passing the driving test, getting that dream job, or meeting the person of your dreams.

Personalised gifts can be used for marketing too. When top clients are given engraved glassware, it will likely increase their loyalty to the company. Personalised gifts like engraved wine glasses promote the company’s goodwill.

Drinking wine and choosing the glass

Engraved wine glasses are suitable for many people. Wine lovers appreciate how the classic wine glass enhances the aroma of the wine. Specific glasses can be used for red, white or rose wine, and of course there are the flutes commonly used for champagne.

People don’t have to drink alcohol to love receiving engraved wine glasses, and there is a range of non-alcohol and low alcohol wines available that are best consumed from good-quality wine glasses.

With cheap wine, it may not be of great importance what type of glass it is drunk from, but a good-quality wine deserves better quality wine glasses.

The first key to enjoying wine is the experience of the aroma. The alcohol volatilises on the wine’s surface. The wide area at the top of the wine glass releases these aromas before and when you drink. Smell and taste are linked and should blend together in a harmonious way.

When you go to a wine tasting, a small amount of wine is poured in the glass. This is swirled around to release the full impact of the aroma. The wine is then kept in the mouth for a while to fully appreciate the complexities of the taste. Some wine tastings also offer glass tasting sessions in which you taste the same wine from different glasses to see how the drinking experience changes from one glass to another.

Sparkling wines are about the fizz as well as the taste and aroma. Champagne flutes have a narrow top – this is so that the bubbles are not released too fast.

Wine glasses vary in thickness and quality. A standard wine glass is thin, but some prefer the feel and weight of thicker glass. Crystal glass gives that luxury ringing sound when tapped.

No matter what type of glass you give, wine glass engraving adds that extra special personal touch to this luxury gift

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