Wine glass engraving ideas

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According to a recent survey carried out by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), wine drinking is no longer just the reserve of connoisseurs.

The survey found that 60% of UK adults preferred wine over other alcoholic products, and that there are around 30 million regular wine drinkers across every region, social class and age group. With the UK now ‘officially’ a wine-loving nation, it seems wholly appropriate to include engraved wine glasses as a favourite gift too. There are endless possibilities when it comes to engraving, and listed below are just a few ideas:

Romantic pair

Champagne flutes are often sold as a pair and are ideal for a wedding or landmark anniversary. Engraved inscriptions can be touching, such as ‘I Love You’ on one glass while the other glass says ‘Love You More’, or the popular ‘Love and Laughter’ and ‘Happy Ever After’ engraved pair. For the top-table at a wedding, a set of flutes could each read ‘Bride’, ‘Maid of Honour’, ‘Bridesmaid’, ‘Mother of the Bride’ and ‘Mother of the Groom’ as memorable wedding favours.

Lifestyle quotes

An engraved wine glass with an inspiring or quirky quote can also be very amusing. ‘Life Is A Cabernet’ and ‘You Had Me At Merlot’ are just two examples of wine-related sayings. Another popular engraving is a three-line wine glass with ‘Easy Day’ at the bottom line, ‘Hard Day’ at the middle line, and ‘Don’t Even Ask!’ at the top line. Amusing variations on this idea are numerous.

Girly time and wine

Female friendships and wine often appear to go hand in hand and engraved wine glasses can display this cleverly. A classic, tongue-in-cheek engraving is ‘W.T.F. Wine Tasting Friends’. Another, allowing a name to be added is ‘It Doesn’t Matter If (name’s) Glass Is Only Half Full As Long As There’s Wine In It’.

Variations on a theme

Engraved wine glasses are perfect for displaying a favourite saying from a film or T.V. programme, such these famous quotes from the popular show Game of Thrones, Kingslayer, Mother of Dragons, King of the North, and Winter is Coming. Different hobbies, sports and interests can make an engraved wine glass more personal and meaningful to individuals or groups.

The traditional approach

With many engraved wine glasses, it’s often the time-honoured touch that’s favoured, with names, dates, occasions and messages of ‘Good Luck!’ or ‘Congratulations!’ emblazoned across the front. Anniversaries, special birthdays and themes of Best Mum or Best Grandad can be engraved along with flowers or fishing scenes. It is also common for the seasons to be represented by snowflakes for winter, flower-buds for spring, the sun for summer, and falling leaves for autumn.

An engraved wine glass with a favourite saying or special date, whether for birthday, anniversary or favourite teacher, can be a very personal and treasured item. This can bring happy memories each time it is used or looked at, often bringing a smile to the face of a loved one many years after it’s been received.

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