Is wine better when poured into an engraved crystal decanter?

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Engraved crystal decanters make ideal personalised gifts. They look beautiful and an engraved dedication makes the recipient of the decanter feel special, but is wine actually better from a decanter?

Why decant wine?

Decanting is the process of pouring red wine from one vessel to another – in this case the wine bottle to the decanter. The reason for doing this is that unpleasant tasting sediment can form at the bottom of the wine bottle, and this can also make the wine cloudy. Slowly pouring the wine into a decanter leaves the sediment behind in the wine bottle.

Decanting also aerates the wine, causing it to be exposed to more oxygen. Aeration can also be achieved by swirling the wine around the wine glass.

Should you decant wine?

Most inexpensive wines do not have sediment so do not need decanting to remove it. Vintage wines are more likely to contain sediment.

Some wine experts believe that decanting can expose the wine to too much oxygen in the aeration process, but some wine connoisseurs disagree.

White and sparkling wine does not generally benefit from decanting, but whiskey and port are often decanted. This may not improve the drink, but crystal decanters and crystal drinking glasses add to the drinking experience.

Decanters are a great way to showcase an excellent wine. Alternatively, if it’s a more modestly priced wine, a luxury decanter can still give it a touch of class.

Not everyone who is given an engraved crystal decanter actually uses it. They prefer to proudly display the decanter in their home or office.

Engraving the decanter

Quality decanters are made from crystal glass with cut glass patterns and the traditional glass stopper. They can be engraved with any message. Businesses often give leaving employees an engraved crystal decanter with a message thanking them for their service to the company.

Engraved crystal decanters make great wedding or engagement gifts. They can be presented for sports achievements. They make great prizes for team competitions at work.

Giving an engraved crystal decanter is a good way to say thank you to someone who has helped you at a time of crisis, or given advice that has to lead to you achieving something new in your life.

Decanters can be engraved with both words and images. Images can be logos, coats of arms or portraits. Glass engraving services have stock images or can engrave an image from a digital photograph or graphic file.

Crystal glass is associated with luxury, and the engraving can elevate it to a very special unique gift. Wine lovers will use the decanter to serve their special vintage wine. Non-wine experts bring the decanter full of wine to the table to add a touch of luxury to a dinner party with friends or family.

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to get someone for their birthday or at Christmas. A personalised engraved crystal decanter is a special gift that shows you have made the extra effort to buy a unique customised present.

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