Why are engraved awards so important?

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Everyone loves receiving an award, and a glass engraved award is an ideal way to recognise excellence or a great achievement.

Physical vs. non-physical awards

An award can be physical or non-physical. For example, a TripAdvisor award or a Which? Best Buy award is a digital, non-physical award that only exists on a website.

Telling a member of staff “well done” is a verbal award, while a bonus award for reaching a sales target is money that is stored digitally in a bank account.

Non-physical awards tends to be temporary, A bonus gets spent, an award from a website usually lasts only a year, and a thank you from the manager gets forgotten when the employee makes a mistake. A physical award like a glass engraved one is more permanent. A stylish glass award is displayed proudly to remind the recipient of their achievements.

An engraved award validates the person or group who receives it, and is a visible testimony of what has been achieved.

Not just for winners

Awards don’t only benefit winners. Everyone considered for an award benefits. People that are shortlisted for a company award know that with a little extra effort they could win the award next time, and this motivates them to try again. A sportsperson or team that comes close to winning has an incentive to keep training hard and strive for the next award opportunity.

Some awards are applied for. For example, short story competitions invite applicants to submit their stories. This motivates writers to keep writing, to improve their craft. Even if an applicant does not win the award, they often get feedback from the competition judges, and this validates their efforts – there are always more competitions to enter.


Engraved awards have many uses. They might be for businesses to reward achievements or make a staff member “employee of the month”, and they make excellent sporting trophies.

Glass awards are affordable and are available in many stylish designs. Award a family member with an engraved award, such as a “best mum on the world” award on Mother’s Day. Perhaps present a “thank you” award to someone who helped you through a difficult life period.

Engraved wards with humourous messages make a great birthday or Christmas present. Non-humourous engraved messages should be heartfelt and sincere.

An image or logo can be added to the award. Normally, the price you pay for the award includes the engraved text in a choice of fonts and a stock logo. Engraving your own logo costs a little extra.

Glass awards are available in plain or coloured glass in a variety of shapes: rectangles, hexagons, curved, shaped like a sports shirt and more. They are designed to be proudly displayed on desks, shelves and display cabinets. All they require is a bit of loving care, a regular clean and polish, and keeping them away from clumsy children and pets.

Next time you want to express gratitude, recognise excellence, mark a special occasion or announce the winner, do it with engraved glass awards.

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