Why are brewpubs growing in popularity?

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With sustainability and minimising carbon footprints high on the agenda for many companies, offering customers the opportunity to sample goods produced on the premises is becoming increasingly popular.

One industry cashing in on this new trend is the advent of brewpubs. Although micro-breweries have been around for quite a few years, brewpubs have taken the industry to a new level with the introduction of tap bars.

Tap bars allow an immediate connection between customer and brewer, with drinkers being able to see the brewing process as it happens.

Master brewer for Goose Island UK, Andrew Walton says of his Shoreditch customers:

“When they visit us on a brew day, the pub is filled with the smells and sounds of brewing, they can see us working and it creates an immediate connection with what is in their glass.”

It is also easier for visitors to ask any questions about the brewing process, and learn about the different products and techniques straight from the experts. Meanwhile, it is also a way for brewpubs to get instant feedback about a beer, with brewers enjoying a certain amount of control over how the beer is served and presented, such as in the correct engraved glasses, which they wouldn’t normally have in a traditional brewery environment.

Industry experts agree that not only do customers have a direct relationship with the tap bar brewer and feel involved in the whole process, but they also have the assurance that their beer will be as fresh as it can possibly be.

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