Whisky glass engraving ideas

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Giving a whisky lover their own personalised glass is a great choice of gift. Being able to enjoy a favourite tipple in a specially chosen engraved whisky glass will give many hours of enjoyment, yet selecting the right glass is also as important as the inscription, as there are several types of whisky glass to choose from.

The right glass for the job

Choose from the long-stemmed tulip glass, often the preference of connoisseurs, or the more familiar whisky glass, the Glencairn. An engraved whisky glass such as these would be perfect for serious whisky lovers, and an especially suitable gift if emblazoned with words like ‘Dad’s Whisky Glass’ or ‘Grandad’s Nightcap’.

A full set of engraved whisky glasses each with a favourite single malt whisky on such as ‘Glenlivet’, ‘Glenmorangie’ or ‘Spring Bank’ is also an idea. Maybe an engraved whisky glass showing three measuring lines such as ‘Single Measure, Double Measure and Jim’s Measure’ would be a fun way to acknowledge a special friend or relative.

Perfect for cocktails

The tumbler or rocks glass is easily the most common and recognisable whisky glass. The male side of a wedding party may appreciate an engraved whisky glass with their name, role and favourite tipple on it.

Don’t forget though that whisky, especially whisky cocktails, are also enjoyed by a lot of ladies too. ‘Make Mine a Whisky and Dry’ is a popular choice or ‘Mum’s Whisky Mac’ on a lovely engraved crystal whisky glass could be perfect for the Mother’s Day, which is coming up fast! The tumbler is great for an ‘On The Rocks’ engraving, describing exactly how the recipient takes their whisky.

The snifter and the NEAT

Popular as a brandy glass, the snifter is also often used for any dark, matured spirit, such as whisky, while the NEAT (Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology) is a relative newcomer to the world of whisky glasses and is the result of a glass-blowing mistake. Suitable for newcomers to whisky, they may be inscribed ‘John’s Tasting Glass’ or ‘I’ll Try Anything Once’, a fun way to present engraved whisky glasses on milestone birthdays such as an 18th or 21st. Alternatively, turn the novice idea on its head with ’75 and Still Tasting’ for the more senior whisky lover.

The whisky lover’s gift

Whichever type of glass is chosen, the engraving should suit the person and the occasion too. Anything mentioning ‘For True Appreciation of a Fine Single Malt’ gives an air of sophistication. A ‘His and Hers’ pair of engraved whisky glasses, either as a wedding gift or parent’s anniversary or for a favourite couple, engraved with personal messages and mentioning quirky traits, will make the gift that much more special and memorable. A pair of different type and size of engraved whisky glasses with ‘I like mine short/on the rocks/as it comes’ and ‘I like mine with dry ginger/lemonade/long and cold’ would be great for a couple with individual tastes.

For the connoisseur or newcomer to the world of whisky, an engraved glass may be the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and many other special occasions. Engraved whisky glasses often take pride of place in a drinks cabinet and give special enjoyment each time they are used, acting as a constant reminder of the thought that went into such a special gift.

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