What types of drinking glasses do you need at home?

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With home and garden bars more popular than ever, it is essential that you have the appropriate glassware to complete the experience. Here are three types of glasses, and details of when and how to use them.

Gin balloon

With UK retailers announcing that in 2020, British people purchased over 10 million more bottles of gin than the previous year, the pandemic certainly seems to have fuelled the popularity of the spirit. The large bowl of the gin balloon glass means you can enhance your favourite flavoured gin drink with plenty of ice and fruit, improving aromas and flavours.

Whisky glass

Often also referred to as the old-fashioned or rock glass, the whisky glass is essential for any well-stocked home bar. These glasses can be used to serve spirits neat, with ice or even as a short cocktail. Some prefer the thick-bottomed whisky glass because of the sturdiness of how it feels. Engraved crystal whisky glasses make the perfect special occasion gift for someone’s home bar collection.

Cocktail glass

There are several options for serving up cocktails, depending on the drink and your preference. Some will say that the hurricane-shaped glass is the classic cocktail glass design – perfect for retro cocktails such as the Pina Colada. Coupe or martini glasses are also an option, with the former being perfect for serving up a Manhattan and the latter having the classic Martini cone shape.

Glassware is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and understanding the different uses and benefits can help you to purchase the rights glasses for your home bar.

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