What kinds of glass items can be engraved with a laser?

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From engraved glass plaques and plates to engraved glasses designed for different spirits, many items are customised using cutting-edge lasers. However, various items can require specific laser engraving machines.

A CO2 laser engraving machine, for instance, is ideal for laser engraving flat materials like window glass and mirrors, but also round workpieces including champagne and wine glasses, and products with a conical shape such as bottles.

For novice engravers, affordable cast glasses are an excellent choice for such items, as they typically have lower lead content, and their structure is more homogeneous. More expensive, hand-blown and crystal glasses can have stresses in their material that become aggravated by the heat generated in laser engraving, which can cause such glassware to fracture.

However, expert engravers are highly skilled and can create perfectly finished engraved crystal gifts in all shapes and sizes.

Engraving enthusiasts may also use laser process mirror glass with a fibre laser and remove only the reflective layer so that the glass is never engraved by the laser, leaving the surface with a smooth finish.

Today, some laser engraving machines will offer both a fibre and CO2 laser source, allowing engravers to use both processing options on a single project.

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