The unique value of engraved port glasses

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Engraved port glasses are a unique gift that makes the recipient feel special, and allows them to enjoy their favourite drink in a vessel that brings the best out of it.

A brief history of port

Grapes have been grown in Portugal for thousands of years. Wine was produced in the country 2,000 years ago, but it was not until the 17th century that port wine was produced. At that time, the centre for the wine trade was the coastal town of Vina do Castelo situated in the broad estuary of the Lima River, which was a natural harbour. Merchants at Vina do Castelo imported wool and cotton from England and exported fruit, oil, grains and what was then known as ‘Red Portugal’ wine. This wine was produced at the nearby Minho region and exported to England, where it became known simply by the name port.

Port glasses

Port glasses vary in their detail, but most have a long stem with a small cup that can be tulip-shaped or straight-edged. A port glass is smaller than a wine glass. This is because port is stronger than wine at around 20% ABV, so is generally served in smaller portions. The port can be swirled around the glass to releases its aromas. Like wine, the experience of drinking port is a combination of aroma and taste.

Most port drunk in the UK is the dark red variety made from red grapes, but you can find white port, a clear port made from white grapes. White port can be drunk on its own or mixed with tonic as an alternative to gin and tonic. There is no special port glass for drinking white port. A standard port glass is suitable for both white and red port, but if mixing with tonic, a larger glass is more suitable.

Engraving port glasses

If you are looking for a present for someone that likes port, an engraved port glass is perfect. The glass can be engraved with a personal message and can also contain an engraved image.

Engraved port glasses make good gifts to mark a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding or anniversary. The message engraved on the glasses can reflect the occasion. They also make good awards to recognise employees’ achievements or given as prizes for team building events.

Engraved port glasses can be purchased with a presentation box to make them special. They are a luxury gift that does not cost a fortune.

A good bottle of port can last a while, but an engraved port glass can last a lifetime. Some proudly display their personalised port glasses in a display cabinet at home, or on their desk at work. Others like to keep their glass handy to drink a small glass of port in the evening. Every time they sip their port from their personalised glass, they are reminded of who gave them the glass, and the special occasion associated with the gift.

Engraved port glasses make ideal gifts to give to a loved one or colleague.

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