Top Campari cocktails for the summer

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Many of a certain age are sure to remember the classic Campari advertisements of the mid-1970s, with Lorraine Chase and her classic, ‘no, Luton airport’ line. The advert poked fun at the newly emerging middle class and the increase in world travel, showing how tastes and the desire for more sophisticated drinks were emerging throughout society. Almost 50 years later and Campari is still as popular, with some reinventions of the classic cocktails, such as the Negroni and the Americano. To tempt your tastebuds, here are a few suggestions for a new-look summer drink.

To get the party started, mix Campari with sparkling wine and soda water to make a Campari Spritz – this refreshing drink is a great way to begin a BBQ or garden party. For more sparkle, try a Negroni Sbagliato, where sweet vermouth, prosecco and Campari are a heady mix, which might even help you pronounce the name correctly.

For a taste of the tropics, choose the Jungle Bird, a fruity blend of Campari, lime juice, pineapple juice and dark rum. This cocktail offers a mix of flavours – it’s sweet, fruity, tart and bitter all at the same time. A classic Americano takes sweet vermouth, Campari and soda water and turns it into the perfect summer drink that’s both sophisticated and bubbly.

Whatever your preference, and whatever the occasion, a Campari cocktail can be a lovely summer drink. Here at H Cooper Glass Engravers, we have a wide range of engraved drinkware to suit the most sophisticated of cocktails.

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