The benefits of engraved crystal trophies

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There are several types of awards and trophies to choose from. Engraved crystal trophies are a classic and elegant way to commemorate achievements, and they have many benefits.


Engraved crystal trophies are suitable for many types of awards. They are great for corporate awards, recognising employee achievements and for rewarding sporting excellence. Among family and friends, they can be used to commemorate special occasions like engagements, anniversaries, job promotions and passing driving tests or exams. Some give crystal awards to friends or loved ones as a way of expressing gratitude for help in times of crisis.

Elegant and stylish

Crystal trophies have a classic and elegant style. They are available in a variety of shapes, from simple rectangles and ovals to more intricate forms. They can be curved or feature coloured globes and stars.

More upmarket than plain glass, crystal glass is seen as a luxury material. For business and corporate events, crystal trophies are more professional looking and communicate the message that an organisation cares about quality.

Lots of space for a message

A clear crystal trophy has plenty of space for a message to personalise the trophy. A congratulatory message, the recipient’s name and the type of special achievement or occasion can be included. Engraving is not restricted to text – images can be included, like a company logo or a sports team badge, for example. A glass engraver will have a catalogue of stock images, or an organisation can supply their own image file.

Buying a trophy

The main aspect to look for when choosing an engraved crystal trophy is quality. Expect to pay more for crystal than plain glass, but crystal trophies are still good value for money. It is not advisable to go for the cheapest trophy you can find, as quality is more important than cost.

A trophy given by a business reflects the values of the organisation, and a reputable organisation does not want to be associated with cheap, poor-quality goods. A crystal glass trophy is a beautiful item that an organisation should be proud to give. The recipient will likely highly value the award and will proudly display it in a prominent location for all to see.

By ordering a crystal trophy directly from a glass engraver, you will have the opportunity to talk to the engraver directly to ask any questions or seek advice. It is best to use an engraver who handles everything themselves, from taking the order and producing the engraved glass trophy to dispatching it.

The engraving of the trophy should be done by a skilled engraver who consistently provides high-quality work. If the trophy is for a special occasion, you will need a reliable engraving business that delivers the finished engraved product on time.

For premium-quality awards, choose engraved glass trophies. Achievements and special occasions form cherished memories, but it is also beneficial to have a physical reminder and keepsake in the form of an engraved crystal trophy that can be kept and displayed for years to come.

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