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The work of a local wood engraver has inspired an up-and-coming new artist, Phoebe Connolly, to present a new exhibition of her work in Northumberland’s Cherryburn Museum.

The museum in Mickley is considered the home of renowned local artist, Thomas Bewick, who produced skilled wood engravings of the wildlife and birds that came from the surrounding area in intricate detail.

The new exhibition, called Birds, Beasties and Bewick, is scheduled to run until 25th September 2021 and pays homage to the work of Bewick, as well as highlighting some of the issues facing the environment. Connolly explained how through research and exploration, her glass engravings are a way to reconnect people with nature. She went on to say how a shared passion and love of wildlife with Bewick led to the current installation of artwork, which features both glass and wood engravings, to create a unique and beautiful exhibition. The delicate engraved glass covers many species of the local wildlife, bringing them to life in brilliant detail.

The museum’s Visitor Operations Manager, Kay Owen, said to Chronicle Live that:

“Phoebe is an incredible talent and her work is so in keeping with the gentle spirit of this quiet and peaceful place.”

Owen went on to describe how delighted she is to be welcoming visitors to the museum once again.

Exhibitions such as these can be a great inspiration when looking for unusual and unique engraved glassware. An intricate engraving can add beauty to almost any crystal or glass bowl instantly.

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