Seven benefits of giving customers engraved glass gifts

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It’s a great idea to present high-value customers or clients with a gift that rewards their loyalty. Here are seven reasons why you should consider giving engraved glass gifts.

1. Cost effective

Engraved glassware is cost effective. An engraved drinking glass costs less than £10, including the engraving, or you could pay more for premium-quality, crystal glass. There are glass items to suit every budget.

The cost of the engraved gift needs to be compared with the amount of money top customers spend. A quality gift is an investment that increases brand loyalty and repeats sales.

2. Sentimental value

The value of a gift is not measured only by its financial cost. A gift recognises loyalty to a business. People love being rewarded, and awards boost their spirits, make them feel good about themselves and increase their confidence. The sentimental value of a gift can be very high.

3. Versatile

You can place any message you like on engraved glass. This makes engraved glassware very versatile. A message can express thanks, or it can recognise achievements. It is a sign that the relationship with the customer is a valued one.

4. Lasts a lifetime

An engraved glass gift is a high-quality item that will last a lifetime, as long as it is not dropped. Glass does not wear out if cared for – a regular wash is all glass needs to look good.

A personalised award creates memories that can have meaning and value for the rest of a person’s life.

5. Helps to build a brand

A business needs to be recognisable and represent good values, and a logo is the symbol of a brand and what it stands for. A logo can be engraved on the glass to identify it as a gift from the business.

Branding on glassware is not only seen by the recipient of the gift – it’s visible to their family, friends and colleagues too, increasing brand awareness. A glass gift is often proudly displayed on a shelf or in a glass cabinet, or placed on a desk at work for colleagues to admire.

6. Environmentally friendly

Sustainability and eco friendliness are concerns of businesses and their clients. Glass is an environmentally friendly material made from soda ash, limestone and sand, which are all natural materials. Glass is also recyclable. If the glass is thrown away, it remains stable and safe, releasing no harmful chemicals into the air or soil.

You could give your customers cheap plastic gifts, but if they are concerned about waste plastic, they will not thank you. A glass gift conveys the message that your brand is a caring business.

7. Plenty of choice

There are many choices for engraved glassware. There are useful items like drinking glasses and vases, or more decorative and artistic items, such as glass paperweights and trophies. There is also the choice between plain glass and the luxury of cut crystal glass.

Not just for clients

Your customers will appreciate having their loyalty rewarded with engraved glass. However, don’t forget your staff – engraved glassware is a great way to recognise productivity, excellent customer service, achieving sales targets and employees who perform outstanding work.

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