Say ‘well done!’ with engraved glass trophies

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Engraved glass trophies are a way to congratulation somebody for what they have achieved.

When somebody achieves something outstanding, it is good to praise them and recognise their achievements. This can be done verbally, but physical awards can be treasured much more than words.

The value of recognition

When you get a physical award for sporting or business activities, it is a sign that your achievements are recognised. Whether you are a sportsperson who has won a race or an employee who has achieved the best monthly sales, there has probably been a lot of hard work put into the achievement. A trophy says that the work is recognised, appreciated and valued.

A trophy not only benefits the recipient, but work colleagues will also see that there is an opportunity for their work to be recognised. The athletes that did not win the race will be motivated to try again in the hope that they will be a future winner.

Increasing moral and motivation

Many people get fed up with their work and, because their heart is not in it, they are not very productive. Trophies can raise morale; they are a visual symbol that the business cares about its employees. If an employee knows that outstanding work is rewarded by a trophy, they may put in extra effort to try and win one.

Trophies can be more effective than financial bonuses, which arrive in a bank account but are not seen by other workers. A trophy will be displayed on an employee’s desk or displayed in a prominent place in the office for everyone to see.

Some organisations have “walls of fame” with pictures of outstanding employees and trophy cabinets. This is for both the benefit of staff and visitors, because it says that good performance is rewarded.

Other uses for engraved glass trophies

Engraved glass trophies are not just for sporting and staff achievements. Many trade organisations and media partners have award ceremonies that give trophies to businesses and individuals who have been outstanding over the year. Trophies are also awarded to the winner of competitions.

Engraved glass trophies can be personal ones, awarded to family members to recognise life’s achievement milestones such as passing exams, getting that dream job, or becoming engaged. A trophy can be awarded to simply say thank you to a friend or family members who have helped you at a difficult time.

Choosing an engraved glass trophy

Engraved glass is a popular type of trophy, as they look stylish and are available in a number of designs. Engraved glass trophies can be shaped like stars, octagonal, rectangular or curved. Most are clear glass, but there are coloured glass options. They look elegant but are not as expensive as people might think.

Engraved glass trophies can be marked with any message. Images can be added too, such as a company logo or sports team badge,

Whatever the achievement is, from climbing Everest to passing a driving test, you can make someone happy by presenting them with a personalised engraved glass trophy.

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