Recognise achievements with engraved glass plaques

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Everyone likes to be noticed for their achievements, and engraved glass plaques are a tangible way of showing appreciation for outstanding performance. They are suitable for business, personal, sports and other achievements.

Benefits to companies

Giving an award to an employee for an outstanding performance should simply be done because it makes staff feel good about themselves and the company, but it also benefits the business. Employees that feel appreciated are more likely to put extra effort into their work and be more productive.

If workers know that good work is rewarded, they will be more satisfied with their jobs and tend to stay longer. Low staff turnover saves on recruiting and training costs.

Rewarded employees are engaged with the business and loyal to the company. They will be better at promoting your brand to customers and potential customers.

Some companies ask for fellow employee recommendations for awards. For example, an employee of the month award can be voted on by colleagues, which increases the sense of everyone being a valued member of the team.

How should workers be recognised?

Employee achievements can be recognised by pay raises and bonuses, but research has found that money alone is not the best motivating factor, neither is simply saying ‘thank you’ enough. People respond well to tangible rewards. Sometimes, a certificate is sufficient, but better still is a trophy or engraved glass plaque. A plaque can be displayed on a desk or other prominent place that reminds the recipient and their colleagues that their outstanding work is recognised.

Engraved glass plaques are personal, marked with the person’s name and why they have been awarded the plaque.

Personal awards

Notable achievements are not confined to work of the sports field. Families and friends like to recognise times when a family member or friend has achieved something significant. This could be one of life’s many milestones, such as getting engaged, promotion to a high prestige job, being married for 50 years or passing an important exam.

Engraved glass plaques are an inexpensive but impressive way of marking achievements. Sometimes that achievement could be the help that someone gives at a time of crisis. The engraved glass plaque expresses gratitude for assistance received.

Sporting awards

Silver trophies and cups are the traditional way if marking sporting wins, but many sports organisations want something different and distinctive. An engraved glass award is a special way of marking a win by either an individual or a team.

Make plaques your own

There are many stylish designs of glass plaques available. Engraved glass plaques can contain any message, but usually, the name of the recipient and the type of achievement is sufficient. Images can be added and companies can display their logo on the award.

Plaques are great value for money and the price quoted usually includes engraving. Though inexpensive, they are valued by the people who receive them.

Engraved glass plaques are versatile awards for business, personal and sporting achievement and more, and really make a difference to the atmosphere in your workplace or organisation.

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