Put your name on a brandy glass to make it special

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An engraved brandy glass with your name on it is a special gift.

Why a brandy glass?

Brandy can be drunk out of any type of drinking glass, but there is a reason why drinkers prefer the traditionally shaped brandy glass. Brandy should not be drunk too cold. The short stem and wide bottom of the brandy glass is designed to be cupped in the hands so that the warmth from the hands keep the brandy warm.

The traditional bowl-shaped brandy glass is also known as a snifter. It is thought that the Ancient Egyptians used brandy in their rituals and they were the first to use a goblet-shaped drinking vessel, often made from gold and decorated with jewels. This was shaped similar to the modern day snifter.

Though you can find coloured brandy glasses, most drinkers prefer a clear glass so that they can see the liquid inside. Appreciating good brandy is about engaging all the senses. Drinking brandy is about admiring the colour, smelling the aroma, the comforting feel of the glass held in the hands, and of course, the taste.

Putting your name on a brandy glass

An engraved brandy glass can contain any words, but usually a name as part of the text makes the glass special. This could be your name that of the person you are giving the glass to. Businesses engrave their name on brandy glasses given to special clients, employees and business partners.

As well as a name, an image can be etched on the glass. Logos, sports team emblems, and family coats of arms can all be put on an engraved brandy glass.

Affordable luxury

Brandy is a luxury product. The best types of brandy have been aged for three or more years in oak barrels. They cost more than other popular mass-produced branded spirits like gin and vodka, but only a few pounds more unless you are willing to pay over £100 for a vintage brandy.

You can drink brandy from an ordinary cheap glass, but a luxury drink deserves a luxury glass. For about the same cost as a bottle of brandy or less, you can purchase an engraved brandy glass. Unlike the bottle, once empty the glass can be refilled again and again.

Enjoying brandy and cigars is a customary way to relax after dinner. In this more health-conscious age, fewer people accompany their brandy with cigars, but a small measure of brandy in an engraved brandy glass is an after dinner indulgence enjoyed by many.

Give the personalised gift that lasts

An engraved brandy glass makes an ideal gift that lasts. Brandy drinkers love their special glass as soon as they see it displayed in its gift box. A brandy glass can be put in a display cabinet to be admired, but it is better to use it for drinking brandy.

Give a single engraved brandy glass to someone you admire, or better still give a pair of special brandy glasses in an ornate presentation box.

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