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It’s often difficult to think of a present to buy for a male friend, family member or partner. Engraved glassware makes for ideal personalised gift options, as they have room to add a meaningful engraving, a quote, a heartfelt message or intimate words that shows how much you care.

If you want a man in your life to know how special he is to you, say it with an engraved glass gift.

The perfect nightcap

Strauss Whisky Glass x2 Supplied In Satin Lined Presentation Box - From £25.40

If a man likes a nightcap of whiskey, brandy or another spirit, buy him a glass that makes the drink special. A personalised engraved tumbler with an ice cube, a dash of spirits and a mixer, is the ideal way to celebrate the end of the day.

Fine wine

Claudia Wine Glass - From £7.55 Including Engraving

Any oenophile will appreciate the gift of fine wine. A good bottle of wine is a treat but is a temporary experience that ends after the last drop of wine has been shared, so accompany the gift of wine with an engraved glass that can be used over and over again. Have a message engraved on the glass that says how you feel about the wine-loving man. He will remember you every time he drinks fine wine from his engraved glass.

Champagne is a celebration drink used to toast special achievements and occasions. Give the man of honour (and the people toasting him) engraved champagne glasses that remind everybody about the occasion, forming memories that last long after the toast is over.

Longer drinks

Stern Glass Tankard - From £8.40 Including Engraving

For the man who prefers beer or cider, an engraved glass tankard is an ideal personalised gift for him. Buy an inexpensive straight pint glass or indulge him with an Earle crystal engraved glass tankard. For non-drinkers, why not serve sparkling apple or grape juice in the tankard?

The world’s best…


Another great personalised gift for him is an engraved glass trophy or award with a message that starts with: “The world’s best.” This could be the world’s best husband, father, lover or any other honorary title you like to give a special man.

Glass awards come in a wide variety of shapes and colours. They can be engraved with a message and an image to personalise them. The “world’s best man” award is designed to be proudly displayed for everyone to see.

The award of time


An engraved clock may be a traditional male retirement present, but a man doesn’t have to be old to appreciate a clock mounted in an engraved glass stand. Many people use their phone to tell the time, but a digital clock doesn’t carry the same beauty and personal charm as an engraved glass clock.

Many men appreciate beautiful objects in their homes, and would love an engraved clock to be placed in a prominent position.

Gifts to show you care

There is a wide variety of engraved glass gifts suitable for men who appreciate quality presents. Their engraved message makes them personal, special and unique. Men always appreciate the extra thought that has gone into a personalised engraved glass gift.

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