Personalised engraved pint glasses make beer drinking special

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Personalised engraved pint glasses increase the pleasure of drinking quality beer (or fruit juice if you don’t drink alcohol).

The benefits of beer?

The National Health Interview Surveys interviewed 333,247 people to assess the association between alcohol consumption and mortality. While, as expected, heavy drinkers had higher mortality rates, drinking one pint of beer or a glass of wine a day was found to have benefits, particularity for older people. The positive effect of drinking moderately outweighed any negative effects.

While the survey did not provide proof of the benefits of drinking a pint of beer a day, it did support the sentiments of the music hall singer Marie Lloyd in her 19th-century song: ‘A Little of What You Fancy Does You Good’.

The experience of drinking

Drinking beer is much more than the taste. It starts with the look of the beer in the glass, its amber colour, the bubbles swimming to the top of the glass. It is also about the feel of the glass in the hand. Some people prefer a straight glass that they can wrap their hands around, while others prefer lifting a pint tankard with its handle.

Before the tongue touches the liquid, there is the aroma of the beer from the hops, the barley and other ingredients.

When the beer is in the mouth there is both the taste and the feel of the beer’s texture. The texture of Guinness is thick and creamy, while a continental lager is smooth and a little fizzy from its gasses.

You get can get all these sensations from non-alcoholic beers, but beer drinkers do like the feeling of intoxication from the alcohol. It makes them feel relaxed and sociable. Beer is best drunk with other people and stimulating conversation.

The importance of the glass

The beer glass is important to the drinking experience. Beer brands produce their own glassware with shapes unique to their brand. Stella Artois, for example, has its stemmed glass, while German beers have dimpled steins.

You don’t have to have your own brand of beer to have a unique glass. A message and your name engraved on a pint glass make it unique to you. The message could be a title such as “best dad in the world”, “best friend ever”, or “employee of the month”. Engraved pint glasses can express gratitude, celebrate achievements, mark anniversaries, be sporting awards, or recognise business achievements.

Straight beer glasses or tankards can be engraved with any message. As well as words, glasses can contain images such as sporting badges and company logos; even a portrait of the dependent can be added to make it more personal.

Though pint glasses are associated with male drinkers, more and more females like drinking from them, as the demographics of the typical beer drinker continue to change.

There is no rule that says only beer can be a drunk from engraved pint glasses – a pint of lemonade on a hot day is most refreshing!

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