Opinions differ on which beer glass to use

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According to Jane Peyton, founder of drinks appreciation website and consultancy School of Booze, getting the best taste from beer could mean the end of the traditional pint glass.

Peyton believes a glass with a narrow rim or flute, is better for appreciating and savouring the flavour of beer.

Speaking to The Sun Online, she says:

“Drinking from a pint glass does the beer a disservice. They have a very wide mouth so most people will glug beer and swallow it before tasting because the size of the glass is so big. Narrow-rimmed glasses like a flute or a Peroni glass will force you to sip the beer and taste the malty flavour on your tongue.”

The beer connoisseur also speaks about engraved glasses which have nucleation points on the base. The tiny engraved patterns bounce the bubbles in beer back up to the surface, so enhancing flavour, but she insists this only applies to fizzy beer. A less fizzy beer, such as a traditional real ale or stout, would not be improved in any way by a nucleated pint glass.

Drinkers who believe beer should be served in a traditional pint glass may be relieved to know that since it became UK law in 1824, beer must be served in either pint or half pint glasses and this law is not set to change. The debate between beer lovers is sure to continue, with some pure traditionalists even suggesting that an engraved beer tankard is the only true way to appreciate a good ale.

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