One-of-a-kind cocktail trunk offered with luxury glassware

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When most drinks enthusiasts consider establishing a home bar, they typically start selecting luxury engraved glasses and bottles from the best brands. Now, a collaboration between a South African artist, known as Johnathan Shultz, and Pernod Ricard is offering another option. However, interested parties will need to act fast and have plenty of funds at their disposal.

For the asking price of $22,000, a single and unique luxury cocktail trunk has been designed and created packed with premium spirits and hand-blown glassware. Using an elegant trunk to start with, the artist altered the item into a work of art designed for display. He used multiple layers made of 23 karat gold to make it appear as if it had been poured directly over the trunk, providing it with smooth and flowing appearance. As a result, the hard metal seems to feel and look soft.

Moving on to the gilded case’s interior, the same level of care and attention has been taken. The trunk if filled extremely high-quality URI Neptune barware and glassware that has been hand-blown along with a White Elephant sculpture from the artist’s Gemesis NFT collection.

The trunk has also been packed with a collection of high-end alcohol including Jameson Black Barrel, Avión Reserva 44 Añejo Tequila, The Glenlivet 14 Year and Aberlour 12 Year. Each of the bottles are part of Pernod Ricard’s “Elegant White Elephant Gift Collection” which is currently available via ReserveBar.

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