Novelty wine glass sales pull out all the stops

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A popular choice of gift for many years, novelty glassware has come in all shapes and sizes over the years. There have been giant wine glasses that can hold a whole bottle of wine, shot glasses shaped like shotgun cartridges, test-tube shaped glasses and of course the classic yard of ale.

The latest novelty drinking glass to hit the headlines is the Guzzle Buddy. First seen as a spoof item on the popular television show Cougar Town, the Guzzle Buddy has now been introduced onto the marketplace.

The design features a stemless wine glass that fits into the neck of a wine bottle via a rubber stopper. Wine flows through the stopper and into the wine glass as soon as the bottle is tilted, allowing the drinker to enjoy wine directly from the bottle.

The item is intended by its makers to be ‘fun, unique and humorous’. Described by Guzzle Buddy sales manager Randy Rothfus as ‘very light-hearted and not meant to be a super serious wine product’, the wine glass, nevertheless, is manufactured from borosilicate, making it very strong and sturdy.

The packaging instructs the user to ‘plug it and chug it’ claiming that ‘pouring is boring’. Though current UK government guidelines advise a maximum alcohol consumption of around 14 units per week, quirky drinking accessories like this always make for a popular Christmas gift, as do personalised engraved wine glasses.

The Guzzle Buddy has already sold out on Amazon, which is planning to replenish its stock before the end of November.

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