Newcastle United Foundation reveals new logo

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The Newcastle United Foundation, an independent charity that uses football to improve physical and mental health, has recently revealed its new brand and logo in order to focus the vision of the charity’s future.

The award-winning charity’s new logo and brand is the first new design in almost 10 years. Between the Premier League, Newcastle United Football Club and the charity’s official partners and stakeholders, a new logo was designed after a thorough consultation process both internally and externally.

The Marketing and Communications Manager at the charity, Matt Smith, explained in a statement that the rebranding process involved reviewing how similar emerging brands fared in the market. Rebranding can affect how a company promotes itself, whether this be through social media or promotional items like engraved drinkware, so it is important that these aspects are considered and updated accordingly.

The new logo features stripes that represent the charity’s passion and echo the football team’s famous colours, as well as a simple typeface, with the word ‘foundation’ standing out in blue. This is a key feature of the brand refresh and is said to showcase the charity’s exciting future plans, as well as retain the core values of the foundation.

The charity has also launched its new website where people who want to get involved with the charity, from customers to fundraisers, can find more information about how to change lives. The new logo is featured on this website and the branding will be visible immediately across platforms and at the new NUCASTLE facility, which opened on 1st March.

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