New technology released to help choose perfect whisky

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It may sometimes seem that the internet and AI technology is taking over every part life, and the latest trend is to match our particular tastes to certain whisky brands.

Technology has now reached into the whisky market with the launch of a new app, What’s Your Whisky?, by Diageo, the drinks company that owns Johnny Walker whisky.

Described as a ‘digital experience’ by the company, the technology aims to match consumers’ tastes and preferences with a perfect match malt whisky. When logging on to the app, consumers are asked a series of questions, for example, ‘how do you feel about chillies?’ and ‘how often do you eat bananas?’. These questions are aimed at helping the programme to assess how different flavours are appreciated, such as spicy, smoky, fruity and sweet. A personalised ‘flavour print’ is then produced with a recommendation for the perfect single malt.

A spokesman for Diageo, Andy Parton explains:

“The ‘What’s Your Whisky?’ mobile experience allows consumers to explore a wide range of our single malts in a personalised and completely new way.”

The technology has been launched across several countries in Europe, these are Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Greece, and in six different languages. Access can be found online or via QR codes to be found in participating shops, restaurants, bars and pubs.

This presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy a personalised single malt whisky from your own engraved crystal whisky glass.

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