New non-alcoholic spirit launched

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Spirits giant Bacardi has introduced Palette, its new no-alcohol spirit, to the expanding ‘no and low’ market.

Bacardi, the largest privately owned spirit company in the world, has announced that the launch of its new spirit comes after collaborating with bartenders based in Amsterdam, with a focus on cocktail making. Bacardi already boasts an impressive range of both low and non-alcoholic drinks, including its Martini Vibrante and Floreale, which were launched by the company in 2020.

With the promise of not compromising on either quality, taste or mixability, Bacardi claims that with Palette, it intended to create a no-alcohol spirit that bartenders could get creative with and that could provide an exciting alternative for mindful drinkers.

Two versions of the new Palette drink have been launched. Palette Roots is bursting with rich flavours, with ginger and juniper notes, as well as a spice blend of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Palette Bold is said to have the taste of an aged spirit, as it has been aged in wood, giving it a smoky, oak flavour. Bacardi is hoping that both drinks will be used by bartenders to create innovative, extraordinary cocktails. In the near future, people may recreate these cocktails at home in engraved highball glasses to add a touch of class.

Both Palette Roots and Bold will initially be available in certain bars throughout Paris, Amsterdam and London. Bacardi has stated that it believes the launch of the Palette range means it is taking low and no-alcohol mindful drinking to a new level.

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