Mastermind trophy artist reflects on 50 years of trophy designs

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Mastermind, the popular TV quiz show that aims to test individuals on specialist subjects, celebrated its 50th anniversary in September of this year and the coveted engraved glass trophy artist has recently spoken out about his 50 years of designs, all made from his workshop in Wick.

The famous black hot seat comes to mind when Mastermind is mentioned, but so does the engraved glass trophy. The special thing about these engraved glass bowls is that they are all unique and have been designed by Denis Mann for the last 50 years. He made his start when he happened to be in the same place at the same time as a TV producer Bill Wright, who was searching for someone with Denis’ talents.

No one expected the TV show to be such a hit 50 years ago, but it was and so was the trophy. Denis explains that he has developed 50 designs for every year of the show, and each new one takes inspiration from the previous one. He even has a design ready for next year’s Mastermind series.

Denis has won commissions to undertake new designs for the late Queen and her mother, as well as for TV shows such as One Man and His Dog. However, he reflects that Mastermind is particularly special to him, as the pride of seeing his designs go to the winner are unmatched.

The new series of Mastermind started in September with a 50th anniversary special.

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