Make a toast with engraved champagne flutes

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Many a glass will be raised tonight to welcome 2020, and engraved champagne flutes are ideal for making a toast with champagne or other sparkling wine.

The origins of toasts

A toast is a traditional way of honouring a person or an occasion. According to some sources, the touching of glasses was originally about preventing poisoning. Glasses were bought together in such a way that a portion of each drink would spill into the other glass to prove that none were poisoned. There is no evidence to support this story, however.

In the 17th Century, spiced toast was used to flavour drinks. When drinks were raised in honour of a lady, it was said that she would symbolically become the toast that adds flavour to the drink. Again, there is no trusted historical source for this claim.

Some historians say that a toast was probably influenced by ancient ceremonies where a drink was offered to the gods with a request for a long life and good health. The drink would either be wine or the blood of a sacrificed animal.

Modern toasts

Whatever the origins of the toast, they are commonly used at times of celebration, and to honour someone special. New Year is toasted with champagne. Life milestones are celebrated – weddings, moving into a new house, births. At weddings, the father of the bride raises his glass to thank everyone. Toasts might celebrate patriotism by raising a glass to the Queen and her Empire.

Toasts are usually done standing unless it is a very informal occasion. A toast is often accompanied by shouts of ”hear hear” or “cheers”. It is expected that a toast is a small sip of sparkling wine, not gulping down the whole glass full. At weddings and other occasions, there may be many toasts. Guests are expected to leave enough wine in the glass for all the toasts.

Though champagne is traditional for toasts, other sparking wines can be substituted. For non-alcohol drinkers, sparkling fruit juice or water can be used. It is not considered acceptable to toast with an empty glass. In the Royal Navy, a toast should never be made with water in the glass as this signifies that the person honoured by the toast will be destined for a watery grave.

Engraved champagne flutes remember the occasion

If you are planning to lead a toast at an upcoming special occasion, order engraved champagne flutes with words that mark the occasions. Let guests take their glass home as a memory of the toast, why it was made and who was honoured. Engraved champagne flutes can be purchased with a presentation box that turns them into a treasured gift.

Engraving does not have to be just words – images can be etched onto the glass too.

Engraved champagne flutes make ideal gifts for family and friends. Businesses give champagne flutes to recognise outstanding employee performance.

Champagne flutes used for a toast need not be one-use glasses. They can be kept ready for more toasts, or simply be there for a quiet night in on the sofa with a loved one and a flute of champagne.

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