A look at the Antient Silver Arrow Competition

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The world’s oldest recorded and longest established sporting competition, The Antient Silver Arrow was first competed for in Scorton, North Yorkshire in 1673, with a field of 22 archers.

They shoot for a silver arrow, provided by Henry Calverley from Eryholme on Tees, who also happened to win the first competition. The competition was so successful that it was decided to make it an annual event and the Society of Archers was formed to oversee and organise the yearly challenge.

The event has been held every year since 1673, except for interruptions due to war, and in 2008 celebrated its tri-centenery competition. The winner each year is presented with a silver arrow replica (the original is in The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds) and holds the title Captain of the Arrow. Aided by the Lieutenant of the Arrow, the Captain is responsible for organising the following year’s event. Entrants automatically become a Member of the Society of Archers.

Open to gentleman archers over the age of 21, some have been attending for over 60 years, and some travel from as far as Australia and America to compete in this unique event. Archers are responsible for their own score card and, in quaint and traditional fashion, are liable to a £1 fine for ‘cursing’ or ‘unseemly behaviour’. The proceeds of the ‘swear bag’ are donated to a local charity.

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