Liverpool lift Premier League trophy

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The Premier League, a competition in which Britain’s top 20 football clubs compete to be named champions each year, has come to a late close for the 2019-2020 season.

After being put on hold during the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Premier League has now concluded with Liverpool taking the title for the first time in 30 years. Despite all recent games being played behind closed doors without any fans present, Liverpool supporters still celebrated their team’s success from home, as well as gathering outside Anfield, the club’s home stadium, to show their support.

Liverpool were awarded the iconic trophy after their last home game of the season, a 5-3 win against Chelsea. The trophy itself was designed by the Royal Jewellers Asprey of London and is an impressive silver cup topped with a gold crown, weighing a huge 25kg. The Three Lions, a symbol historically associated with English football, are represented by two golden lions on the trophy’s handles. The third lion is represented by the winning team’s captain as he raises the trophy, and its golden crown, above his head.

There are two identical engraved awards, allowing one trophy to be given to the winning team to display for the year, while its replica remains with the Premier League for its own use.

The Premier League winner’s name is engraved onto the base of the trophy each season, providing a history of the league’s winners over the years. The silver engraved band sits on a malachite base, a green semi-precious stone that represents the field of play.

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