Hollywood dilemma at upcoming BAFTAs and Grammys

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Actress Nicole Kidman and her country musician husband Keith Urban are facing a dilemma as the award season for 2017 begins.

Both have been nominated for awards scheduled to be presented at ceremonies on February 12. Kidman will be hoping to win Best Supporting Actress at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards (BAFTA), which is to be held at the Royal Albert Hall in London, while Urban has been nominated in three categories in the Grammys, which is being held in Los Angeles at the Staples Centre.

They have decided to each attend the separate award ceremonies without the other but will “Face Time from the red carpet and have a chat”, according to Kidman.

The iconic ‘mask’ of the BAFTA trophy was designed in 1955 by American sculptor Mitzi Cunliffe. They are handcrafted by New Pro Foundries and are described by company director Patrick Helly as ‘works of art’.

Explaining the difference between the trophy and an Oscar, Helly was quoted in a 2015 Telegraph article as saying:

“They are made of a totally different material in a totally different way. Ours is a craft, ours are crafted.”

Each mask weighs approximately 2.8kg and is made of polished bronze.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the BAFTA awards. There will be 24 competitive categories and two noncompetitive categories. Appreciation for an art or craft such as music and acting can often bring welcome recognition and reward in the shape of bronze, crystal or glass awards.

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