Golf club trophy gets necessary repairs

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The Lancashire town of Bolton has had one of its oldest golfing trophies refurbished, thanks to the generosity of two members of the Regent Park Golf Club.

The Buff Cup had been donated in 1933 by the Bolton Evening News and was competed for annually, but over the years, the trophy has seen a lot of wear and tear. It was doubtful whether the cup would have continued to have been presented if not for the actions of John McKenna, secretary of Bolton District Charity’s Golf Cot committee.

McKenna said after last year’s presentation to winners Regent Park Golf Club:

“The base became distorted and horrible and the silver band recording the names of the winners became full so it needed refurbishing…The danger was it would become unusable and it’s a nice trophy, so we’re pleased it’s back in circulation.”

The Golf Cot tournament was first played in 1916, and was initially a way of raising money to provide babies with cots during the First World War. As the charity has continued over the years, McKenna says that all money collected by the tournament goes to local charities, and there is rarely any money left over for things such as the trophy refurbishment. This was where Regent Park president, Cliff Nelson, and club member Graham Frees stepped in and offered to pay for the trophy’s repairs.

With a bespoke hardwood base and room for a further 80 years of engraving on the name plate, the trophy looks as good as new, and continues to be one of Bolton’s most treasured engraved awards.

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