Give someone special in your life an engraved crystal brandy glass

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An engraved crystal brandy glass is a way of telling someone they are special to you, but what makes it such a fitting gift?

What is crystal glass?

Brandy glasses can be made from standard glass, which is usually made from lime, soda and silica. This common type of glass is found in light bulbs, drinking glasses and tableware.

There are other types, such as borosilicate glass, which is heat resistant and used to make Pyrex dishes. Fused quartz glass is used in halogen lamps and expensive camera lenses.

Most crystal glasses are made from a mixture of silica, lead oxide, soda or potash. Though called crystal, the glass may not contain a crystalline structure. Glass that contains at least 1% lead monoxide is classed as crystal.

Crystal brandy glasses are generally thinner than normal glass while still being strong. The lead content lowers the working temperature, making crystal glass easy to sculpt and shape. Crystal glasses are often more ornate that normal glass with its intricate patterns.

Crystal glass is clearer, which means that the colour of the brandy shows through better. The more lead is in the glass, the clearer it will be. Crystal glass refracts light so that it sparkles in direct sunlight, and high-quality crystal glass will even refract rainbow patterns when held up to the light.

With its distinctive ringing sound when tapped, crystal glass is heavier than standard glass. This appeals to brandy drinkers who like to feel the weight of the glass that nestles in their hands.

Does crystal make brandy taste better?

Many brandy drinkers believe that the drink tastes better from crystal glasses, but there is no scientific basis for this claim.

Drinking fine brandy is not just about the taste though. The drinking experience includes smelling the aroma in the brandy glass and feeling the weight of the crystal glass in the hand. It is about appreciating the dark amber colour of the brandy, and gently swirling the liquid around the glass.

Though crystal glass may not change the taste, it enhances the drinking experience.

Engraved brandy glasses

If someone special in your life enjoys a glass of brandy, engraving a crystal brandy glass personalises the gift.

Although you can get brandy glasses with engraved patterns on them, you may prefer a plain crystal brandy glass so that the view of the brandy’s couloir is uninterpreted.

A personalised dedication can be engraved on the glass. This can mark a special occasion or express gratitude. Businesses often give an engraved brandy glass to mark their workers’ achievements or present an engraved glass to a favourite client. Engraved brandy glasses have also been used as sports trophies.

An engraved crystal brandy glass is a special gift that is also useful. It may be proudly displayed in a prominent place in the home or office, but it is intended to be used. For most people, brandy is not an everyday drink, but a special one – an occasional treat whose experience is improved by an engraved crystal brandy glass.

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