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Using the correct glassware for particular drinks can be a key factor when making cocktails. The shape and size of a glass can enhance aroma and keep drinks at the optimum temperature for the most enjoyment.

Classic cocktail glasses are shaped like an inverted cone. This makes the mouth of the glass very wide which allows a drinker’s nose to get the full aroma of the cocktail as it gets as close as possible to the surface of the liquid. The combination of scent and taste makes for a complete experience. Martini glasses tend to be the same conical shape, though a slightly larger size than a traditional cocktail glass. Drinks served in this type of glass are served without ice or mixers. Classic cocktails, as well as the Martini, would be a Cosmopolitan, Brandy Alexander or a Kamikaze.

A further variation of a traditional cocktail glass is the Margarita glass with a ‘stepped’ conical bowl, but these are now rarely seen.

A highball glass is mostly used for cocktails and ‘long’ drinks such as a gin & tonic, Bloody Mary or a Mojito. As these drinks include a non-alcoholic mixer and ice, the tallness of a highball glass is perfect. Whereas a lowball glass with a deep, heavy base usually only holds six to eight fluid ounces, making them ideal for ‘short’ drinks such as a neat whisky, an Old Fashioned or a White Russian.

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