Get the most out of your wine with the best glasses for each type

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There’s nothing like opening a new bottle of red, white or sparkling wine and taking that first sip from your favourite engraved wine glass. However, have you ever thought about which type of wine glass is best for certain wines? It turns out that a wine glass is not just for show, and different shapes can benefit your wine drinking experience and should be considered carefully, even if you would like to adhere to certain fashions and trends that might make better pictures!

Sparkling wine

Sparkling wines like prosecco and champagne are best enjoyed from flutes because they’re the best to preserve the bubbles. However, for vintage sparkling wines, larger glasses help the bubbles dispel a little slower.

Red wine

Red wine can be enjoyed from a range of different glasses, such as engraved crystal wine glasses or stemless wine glasses, as heat transference isn’t an issue with red. Nevertheless, it is generally better to use larger glasses for red as it helps keep the temperature even and release the flavours.

White wine

White wine should be enjoyed chilled, so this affects which glass to use when drinking it. Smaller glasses with smaller openings and a stem to hold it all help keep it cool.

Experts say that whatever wine you’re drinking, it should be enjoyed from a clear, patternless glass so you can see your wine. Glasses with stems are also not recommended for most wines, as holding them in your hand will affect the temperature.

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