Five reasons to choose engraved crystal awards

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Awards are a way of valuing employees, marking sporting achievements and recognising outstanding members of the community. Although they can be made from a variety of materials, there are many reasons why engraved crystal awards are ideal. Here are five of the top reasons to choose engraved crystal awards:

1. Versatility

Crystal glass can be etched, engraved, sandblasted and printed to add a number of impressive design features. Crystal has a relatively low working temperature, so it can be quickly and easily shaped into many designs, from the simple circles or rectangular shapes to curved 3D-style ones.

If you need an award in a hurry, you can order engraved crystal awards and have them delivered within days. The lead time for metal trophies is often much longer.

2. Affordable

Compared to metal trophy awards, engraved crystal awards are more affordable. Prices start at around £20 and this includes the engraving. A company logo or sports team badge can be added to the logo at a small extra charge.

3. Personalisation

Most crystal awards have plenty of space for engraving. A simple message that includes the recipient’s name, or perhaps a poem dedicated to the winner of the award, can be engraved. With crystal, you can elaborate a little, as there is no need to stick to a few words.

4. Elegance

Whether you like the minimalist design of simple shapes or more elaborate designs, engraved crystal awards look elegant. They take pride of place in a trophy cabinet, on a home shelf, or displayed on a worker’s desk.

An award is a recognition of achievement, but it should also be pleasing to the eye. With so many design options, there are crystal award designs to suit all aesthetic tastes. Crystal contains a high lead content, which reflects the light to form brilliant rainbows.

Companies like giving crystal awards because they want to associate their brand with premium quality. These awards fit with a professional image, and make recipients feel part of it.

A crystal award can be presented in a special silk-lined presentation box that adds value. It’s a long-lasting gift too, since crystal does not fade. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth keeps it sparkling.

5. Suitable for everyone

Some say that metal awards are masculine and crystal ones feminine, but many argue that crystal awards are gender-neutral and suitable for everyone.

When you want to commemorate an achievement, a sporting win or celebrate family milestones, choose engraved crystal awards. You can’t go wrong with the classic shapes, or you can choose something a little more unorthodox.

Saying thank you for a job well done, or congratulations for outstanding achievements, is fine, but a physical award is a lasting memory, and a permanent record of achievements that can be proudly displayed for everyone to see.

There are many choices of awards, including metal trophies, gift vouchers, bonuses and certificates. If you want the award to feel special and the recipient to be very proud of their award, there are many reasons for preferring engraved crystal awards.

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