Five benefits of promoting your business with engraved drinkware

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Engraved drinkware is a great way of promoting a business brand.

When you give clients engraved glasses, you are providing them with beautiful looking drinkware, a gift that reminds them of your business every time they take a drink from one of your glasses. Give engraved drinkware to reward and motivate staff.

There are at least five major benefits of giving away drinkware engraved with your brand image:

1. Promote loyalty

Ideally, customers will choose your brand over others. Most businesses rely on customers making repeat purchases.

If a brand has a large, loyal following, engraved drinkware can be sold to raise extra revenue.

2. Promote customer relationships

The relationship with your customers is one in which they think of your business and the products it sells in a positive light. Giving the gift of an elegant glass makes customers feel that your business is generous.

Not every transaction between the business and their clients involves an immediate sale. However, a gift today increases the value of the customer relationship that results in future sales.

3. Value for money

Engraved drinkware is a cost-effective promotional tool. Yes, engraved glasses are more expensive than cheap pens or notepads, but the business that they can generate make them a value-for-money investment.

4. Generate leads

When you give a glass to a potential client, they are more likely to enquire about your products or services that lead to a sale.

5. Increase brand visibility

The symbol of a brand is its logo. This can be engraved on glasses to raise brand visibility.

What types of drinkware are available?

There are many types of drinkware that can be engraved with the business brand, including glasses for wine, beer, champagne, brandy, and shots. Drinkware is designed to be used, it is not an engraved trophy to be displayed and rarely handled. Give customers drinkware to suit their tastes, tankards for the beer drinkers, and champagne flutes for champagne lovers.

The words engraved on the glass could be simply the contact details of the company or could commemorate special occasions like a significant anniversary of the business or the launch of new products.

As well as promoting a company to clients and potential clients, engraved drinkware make ideal gifts to reward individual employees or teams that have produced outstanding results. They can also be used as prizes for competitions in team building events.

Some businesses like to hold social events to celebrate success. Toast the health of the business in champagne drunk from engraved champagne flutes. Allow the guests to take home the glasses to remind them of their contribution to business success every time they drink sparkling wine from their commemorative flutes,

For very special occasions or to reward VIP clients, a little extra can be spent on the luxury of crystal glasses. These can be presented in silk-lined presentation boxes.

Engraved drinkware is a way of thanking clients for their loyal business and rewarding staff for their continued hard work that contributes to the success of the business.

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