TV programme reveals family heirloom worth small fortune

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A recent episode of Antiques Roadshow told the story of a much-loved family heirloom that was passed down through the generations – and was worth a surprising amount of money.

The Antiques Roadshow has been a firm family favourite since it first appeared on television screens back in 1979. Many viewers have dreamed of discovering long-lost heirlooms and hidden treasures in the attic and having them valued by one of the show’s many antique experts. In a recent episode, filmed in the Midlands at Newby Hall, a guest had brought along a glass cameo plaque and engraved glass perfume bottle to show the experts.

Expert Will Farmer took up the challenge, exclaiming as he did how he was a huge fan of glassmaking and glass engraving. Both the plaque and perfume bottle were engraved with angel wings and cherubs in a whimsical and romantic fashion. The cameo plaque had been layered with opal glass onto ruby glass, and then cut back to reveal the stunning pattern and colour beneath.

The guest went on to tell Farmer how the pieces were her great-grandfather and great-uncle’s work, and it was then revealed that they were, in fact, famous glass workers and engravers from the 19th century glass industry.

Farmer went on to value the pieces, starting with the engraved glass perfume bottle, valuing it at upwards of £1500. The guest got an even greater surprise when they discovered the engraved cameo plaque was valued at an eye-watering £15,000.

Many viewers may now think it’s time to start scouring the attic for forgotten treasures themselves.

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