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Well-known celebrities and famous faces from the world of show business, sport and music, are rewarded with BRIT’s, Oscar’s, and Sport’s Personality of the Year Awards. However, there are a plethora of lesser known awards which deserve a mention, here are just a few.

The Awards Awards

Even the awards ceremonies themselves are rewarded. The Awards Awards recognises the work of event organisers. The behind-the-scenes people who make sure the awards ceremonies run smoothly, such as ‘Best Catering’ or ‘Best Venue’, can be sure their work is valued and regarded as important.

The British Parking Awards

Yes, that’s right, even the humble car park has its own industry awards. Categories include ‘Best Car Park Management’ and ‘Best Car Park Enforcement’, though it’s doubtful the latter award will have much public support.

The Undies and The Vendies

As the former suggests, knickers, pants and bras are just some of the items which can win an award, with categories covering everything from design to manufacture. Meanwhile, The Vendies celebrate innovations in the vending machine industry including products, the engineers who keep them running and there is even an award for the best payment system.

The Good Funeral Awards

Possibly one of the most unlikely awards, but here at H Cooper Glass Engravers, we have seen almost every type of engraved awards there are. The Good Funeral Awards are no exception when it comes to recognising the industry’s best. The statuette of Anubis, the Egyptian god of death, is packaged in a coffin, just for extra effect.

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