Euro 2020 gets underway

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The past year or so has seen almost all international sporting tournaments either delayed or cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the UEFA European Championships has been no exception. As a result, football fans are now delighted that the Euro 2020 competition is going ahead.

Contested across 11 countries, the 24 qualifying teams took to the pitch as the competition began in earnest on 11th June, with the final scheduled for 11th July at Wembley. Fans from all countries are keen to see their home team lift the Henri Delaunay cup in triumph, so let’s take a closer look at this magnificent engraved award.

In June 2008, a newer version of the trophy was introduced. The new design retained the name of the former president of the French Football Federation, who was also the first General Secretary of UEFA, Henri Delaunay. The updated trophy stands 18 centimetres taller than the original and is two kilograms heavier. Made of sterling silver, the base has been extended to add stability to the mighty trophy.

The winning teams, which were originally engraved on the plinth, are now etched onto the back of the trophy itself. Overall, the trophy weighs eight kilograms and stands 60 centimetres high, making it one of the largest engraved awards in sport.

The original trophy was felt to be too small for such a prestigious sporting event, and this much bigger version was therefore commissioned, and it will be no doubt as coveted and fiercely contested for as the original this year.

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