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There are times when you or someone you care about needs cheering up with a personalised gift. A bottle of Prosecco and an engraved Prosecco glass is an ideal gift set that adds a touch of luxury to someone’s life.

Not just a cheap champagne alternative

It’s true that most bottles of Prosecco cost less than champagne, but this doesn’t make it an inferior drink.

Prosecco is named after the village of the same name. At least 85% of the wine is made from what was formerly known as the Prosecco grape, but is now the Glera grape. Prosecco is a sparkling wine that, like champagne, goes through two fermentation processes. Champagne’s secondary fermentation process happens in the bottle, while Prosecco’s takes place in stainless steel tanks. This makes Prosecco production costs less expensive.

Time and craft still goes into make it. It takes a minimum of thirty days to produce Prosecco, and up to nine months for higher-quality varieties. Around 150 million bottles of Prosecco are produced each year.

There are differences in taste between champagne and Prosecco. Many people say they prefer champagne, but that may be because the extra they usually pay for it influences their choice. Like a lot of wines, which variety you prefer is a personal preference that should not be affected by how much the drink costs.

Which glass is best for Prosecco?

Most people drink Prosecco from a flute, the same glass they drink champagne from. However, some wine experts recommend using a wine or tulip shape glass. They say the champagne flute is too narrow so the drinker does not get to experience the full aroma of the wine. A wine glass that tapers in at the top makes sure that the bubbles don’t escape too quickly.

Whatever type of glass you drink Prosecco from, an engraved drinking glass makes the drinking of Prosecco special.

Prosecco may be reasonably priced, but its cost does not prevent it from being a luxury drink that deserves a special glass. An engraved Prosecco glass is the ideal gift to give to someone you care about. It can be given on a special occasion such as a birthday, an engagement or to recognise achievements like passing the driving test or getting a dream job.

An engraved Prosecco glass is not only there for decoration, though it does look stylish in a display cabinet. It should be used, filled with Prosecco and raised in the air for a toast. It can then be brought out anytime a touch of luxury is needed to provide cheer at the end of a hard day.

There is no rule that says an engraved Prosecco glass has to be filled with alcohol. For alcohol-free Januarys and health reasons, there are many alcohol-free sparkling wines available to enjoy from an engraved glass.

If you struggle to think of a present to give to someone close to you, a luxury engraved Prosecco glass could be the answer.

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