Enjoy the cocktail hour with engraved highball glasses

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Highball glasses are perfect for cocktails and spirits with mixers. Engraving these glasses makes them personal and special.

The cocktail hour

The cocktail hour used to be a popular way to attract customers to bars and restaurants at slack times, usually early evenings. In the cocktail hour, cocktails were sold at discount prices. Some bars still have cocktail hours, but many have replaced them with the happy hour when drinks other than cocktails are sold at cut prices.

Cocktail hours used to be popular at dinner events, when guests can drink cocktails, mingle and eat appetizers before the main meal.

The invention of the cocktail hour has been attributed to Mrs. Julius S Walsh Jr of St Louis in the USA, who in 1917 invited guests to her house for a one hour Sunday noon party. The guests enjoyed this event so much that within a week numerous cocktail hour parties were held in St Louis.

In England, the first cocktail hour party was hosted by Christopher Nevinson in 1924. English cocktail parties were formal affairs, with women expected to wear what became known as cocktail dresses.

The popularity of formal cocktail hour parties may have waned but the mixing of cocktails remains popular.

Not just an hour

Cocktail hour parties held in the home are rarely restricted to the hour. A cocktail evening is an opportunity to try out various cocktails. Highball glasses are ideal for cocktails as they are large enough to hold a large cocktail with plenty of ices cubes.

Some prefer their spirits made more simple, enjoying a gin, tonic, and ice in a highball glass. Non-drinkers and designated drivers can enjoy no or low-alcohol cocktails drunk from highball glasses.

A cocktail party is a great way to celebrate an achievement or an occasion such as a birthday, Christmas or anniversary. Engraved highball glasses with an inscription that marks the occasion are recommended. Allow each guest to take their glass home as a long term reminder of the good time they had.

Messages and images

A highball glass can be engraved with any message. Engraved highball glasses make ideal personalised gifts that say thank you or recognise achievements. Fill the glasses and raise them to say “cheers!” or ” well done!”

Go for good quality glasses that feel heavier and more substantial rather than cheaper, thinner glasses.

Images can be etched on the glass. Businesses can add their logo on highball glasses that are presented to high achieving employees. Sports clubs can recognise winners with sports logos.

To make the highball glass extra special, why not present it in a satin-lined presentation box?

Highball glasses are meant to be used but can also proudly displayed in the recipient’s home or workplace to remind them of what they have achieved and how they are appreciated.

Whether for the cocktail hour of everyday drinking, give the personalised gift of engraved highball glasses to anyone who likes to drink spirits, cocktails or non-alcoholic fruit juice-based drinks from a luxury glass.

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