Enjoy a glass of bubbly with engraved prosecco glasses

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A key part of the enjoyment of drinking prosecco is the glass you drink it from. Engraved prosecco glasses make the drinking experience feel extra special.

What’s the difference between prosecco and champagne?

Some people regard prosecco as the poor person’s champagne because it is cheaper. Prosecco is not an inferior drink, but it does taste different. This is because champagne and prosecco are made from different grapes in different regions. Prosecco comes from Northeast Italy and champagne from northeast France. Champagne can be made from three grape varieties (chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meuneir), while prosecco is primarily made from glera grapes from the Veneto region of Itlay.

The two wines are made differently too. Champagne uses the Méthode Traditionelle, where the second fermentation takes place after the wine has been bottled. This is a labour-intensive process and bottles are regularly turned by hand. Prosecco is not bottled until after the second fermentation and this is mainly what makes it less expensive than champagne.

Some people prefer prosecco to champagne, or save champagne for special occasions.

What glass should you use for prosecco?

As champagne and prosecco are both sparkling white wines, many people drink prosecco from champagne flutes. The narrow width of the flute is said to keep the prosecco bubbles rising to the top for a longer time before the wine starts to go flat.

When you order a glass of prosecco in Italy, it will usually be served in a wide white wine glass. The Italians say that this means that you get a greater sense of the aroma of the prosecco and this adds to the taste. The wine may lose its sparkle sooner, but most people have finished the wine a long time before it starts to go flat.

You can get wine glasses that taper at the top and these are halfway between a flute and a wide wine glass.

In Italy, many people see prosecco as an everyday drink rather than one to be served in flute glasses for special occasions. They are not concerned about the shape of the glass, only the quality of the wine inside.

Engraved prosecco glasses

Engraved prosecco glasses are ideal gifts for people who like this bubbly wine. Whether you prefer a flute or wine glass, the important thing is the message that is engraved on the glass to make it personal and unique.

Give engraved prosecco glasses for birthdays, Christmas, special occasions, and to reward achievements. They are perfect for employees to give members of staff in recognition of outstanding achievements. Engraved glasses can be a way to express gratitude, or to say thank you to someone who helped you out at a difficult time.

As well as words, the glasses can have images engraved on them. Add a company logo or a sports team badge when glasses are awarded for sporting achievements.

It’s up for debate whether engraved prosecco glasses may not make the drink taste better or stop the bubbles from ever fizzing out, but they can make someone close to you feel extra special.

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