Engraved wine glasses – the perfect gift?

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Engraved wine glasses could be the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life. Raising a glass of wine in a toast and celebration is a tradition that started thousands of years ago.

A brief history of the wine glass

Wine has been made and drunk from glasses for thousands of years. Early glass was made around 5,000 BC but was opaque and coloured to resemble precious stones. It was worn as jewellery and not made into vessels.

Around 1570 BC, glass drinking vessels were produced as a luxury item for the nobility. Wine was drunk in these vessels on special occasions and was said to enhance a person’s powers. Wine was also used as a religious act. The wine glass was regarded as a holy vessel for serving sacred wine to the gods.

Around the eighth century BCE transparent glass was produced and for the first time drinkers could appreciate the look as well as the taste of the wine. Wine glasses were often shaped like animals to bring power to the gods or kings who were offered the drink.

Wine was often drunk in ancient Greece and the habit was exported to ancient Rome by the mid second century BCE. At this time glass blowing was invented which meant that wine glasses could be produced quickly and in many different shapes. From being used exclusively by the rulers and nobility, wine glasses could be afforded by ordinary people. Glass with stems like modern ones could be produced.

Wine for special occasions

Wine is associated with special occasions. Many cultures serve wine in a large vessel, which is drunk by several people at the same time as a commitment to each other.

The stirrup cup now seen at foxhunts is traditionally used to bid farewell and send best wishes.

Goblets with angel mouths and the word friendship engraved on them were given to loved ones. Wine is used to wish eternal love at weddings. Tiered Bohemian goblets were produced for the groom to drink from the lower tier and the bride from the upper.

Wine is often drunk at parties. Many wine glasses have been produced to provide a sense of fun for such occasions. Vessels with two cups attached were for intimate drinking between a couple. A cantir has no mouth. Wine is poured from a spout directly into the mouths of drinkers to provoke laughter.

The pleasure of engraved wine glasses

No matter what your reason for drinking wine, whether it’s a special occasion, a wedding, a religious ritual, with a meal, drinking from a personalised engraved wine glass enhances the pleasure.

Engraved stem wine glasses come in many shapes and sizes and can be marked with a personal message and an image. They make ideal presents for the wine lover in your life. They can be given for birthdays, Christmas or simply to say thank you for being special.

Drinking from an engraved wine glass makes any occasion special and reflects thousands of years of celebrating via the taste of wine.

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