Engraved wine glasses make ideal gifts for oenophiles

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If you know someone that loves fine wine, make them feel special with engraved wine glasses.

Professional and amateur wine lovers

Lovers of wine, or oenophiles, can sometimes even earn a living from their passion. They might write books and articles about wine, or study for years to be a professional sommelier, which involves taking difficult exams on their wine knowledge and ability to identify wines at blind tastings.

Wine producers employ lots of people in the process of making great wines. If you have a great wine passion and a large amount of money, you can start your own winemaking business.

For every person that earns their living from wine, there are thousands of amateur wine lovers who like discovering wines they have never tasted before.

The wine glass

Whether an amateur or professional, wine lovers care about the glass they drink from. Red wine glasses are shaped differently to white ones, while champagne and other fizzy wines tend to be drunk from narrow flute glasses. There is some science to support the preference for various glass types, but the glass you prefer is often mainly a subjective choice.

Engraving a wine glass does not make the wine taste better, but it can add to the experience of drinking wine. Tasting wine is not just about the taste, it is swirling the wine around the glass, putting the nose into it to smell the aroma, the feel of the glass held in the hand and how the glass looks.

Glasses raised in a toast celebrate an occasion. Inscriptions on engraved wine glasses can also mark the occasion with carefully chosen words.

The ideal gift

Engraved wine glasses make the perfect gift for an oenophile. A single wine glass is inexpensive, so it’s worth buying a set of four or more. Drinking wine is usually a social activity done with friends and family. If everyone has an engraved wine glass, they can all share in the sense of wine drinking being a special shared activity.

Wine is drunk to cement friendships, at weddings, with fine food and many other occasions. Engraved wine glasses add an extra touch of specialness to these occasions. Many people like to pay a little extra for crystal engraved wine glasses that are a more luxurious gift.

Included in the cost of engraved wine glasses is the engraving of the words that make the glasses unique. Images can also be etched on the glass. Businesses give engraved wine glasses in recognition of staff achievements and engrave their company logo as well as a message. Sports teams present engraved wine glasses as prizes, complete with their team emblem.

Engraved wine glasses are meant to be used – they are not glass trophies in a display cabinet. Every time wine is drunk from them, the drinkers see the personalised message on them and remember the person or organisation who gifted them.

Make a wine lover’s day by surprising them with the gift of engraved wine glasses.

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