Engraved grass trophies – for sportspeople, workers and families

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Engraved glass trophies are versatile personalised awards that can be given to mark many achievements.

Sporting awards

If someone is on a winning team or wins an individual sporting event, taking home a trophy is a reminder of what they have achieved. A trophy recognises the effort the individual or team made, not just on the day of the sporting event, but the long hard days and nights spent training.

In dark mornings, when training seems too hard and it is tempting to go back to bed, a sportsperson can think back to the trophy proudly displayed at home and get a sense of what they aim to achieve. They feel that all the hard training is worth it because of the great feeling of triumphantly lifting a trophy high in the air after a winning performance.

For many sports, silverware is the traditional form of trophy, but increasingly sporting organisations prefer engraved glass trophies because of their stylish modern looks. Many large silver trophies must be given back to next year’s winners. As engraved glass trophies are inexpensive, they can be given to every team member to keep.

Employee awards

Unhappy workplaces are ones where the employees feel unappreciated and taken for granted. If staff feel engaged and appreciated, they are likely to increase their productivity. Praising and rewarding staff makes them happier. This not only helps their mental state, but it can also increase the profits of the company. Staff who are loyal to a business are invested in its success and will be motivated to perform well so that the company is successful.

Unsettled employees will tend to leave and this will raise staff turnover, which is expensive in terms of recruitment and training costs.

Perhaps the most effective way of creating a positive culture is a staff incentives scheme. This could be in the form of bonuses paid out to high-performing staff, but bonuses are not very visible to others, as employees do not like talking about their bonus level. Engraved glass trophies can be displayed in the workplace as a reminder for all employees that their achievements will be recognised.

Awards empower staff to recognise each other’s success. They can be given to individuals or teams and are an instant recognition, unlike bonuses, for which workers must wait until the next payday.


Trophies are not restricted to sporting events, or for business purposes. Engraved glass trophies can be awarded to family members. They are a good way to celebrate an occasion or achievement such as anniversaries, passing exams and job promotions. A trophy engraved with “the best mum in the world” message can be given instead of a Mother’s Day card.

Alternatively, why not hold a family board game or quiz night with a trophy presented to the winner? It will certainly give the contest a more competitive edge!

Engraved glass trophies are stylish ways to recognise achievements, or they can simply to be used to say thank you.

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