Engraved glass gifts – the solution for hard-to-buy-for friends

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If you are struggling to know what to buy a friend, have you considered something personal and one-of-a-kind?

Sometimes friends are difficult to buy a gift for. They may like clothes, but do you know their size? You can know their musical tastes but realise that they never use CDs, preferring to listen to streaming music services, or they might already own that album you’re thinking of getting for them. They may read books on Kindle devices and not value physical books. You could buy them something practical for the house, but that feels like a boring present. Gadgets may be welcome, but they can be expensive and people are particular about what makes and model of laptop, smartphone or tablet they use. Perfume or aftershave is difficult unless you know what brand they like.

All in all, your friend may seem to have got everything they need and you don’t want to give them a present that simply duplicates what they already have.

[h2]Personalised presents to the rescue[/h2]

The solution to rescue you from the present paralysis of not knowing what to get someone is personalised presents. These contain words, a message that is unique to the person that makes them feel special.

There are many types of personalised gifts. You can go online to order a card with the person’s name printed on it or you could get them a T-shirt. These are fine, but they don’t equal the quality of engraved glass gifts.

The advantage of engraved glass personalised gifts is that they look good and will last a long time. There are plenty of types of engraved glass gifts to choose from, and ones to suit all budgets.

[h2]Types of engraved glass gifts [/h2]

If your friend likes to drink good wine, beer, brandy or champagne, get them an engraved glass designed for their favourite drink. Although engraved glass drinking glasses look good displayed in the home, they are designed to be used. Every time your friend drinks from their engraved glass they will be reminded of your generosity,

An engraved glass clock on the mantlepiece reminds people of you whenever it chimes. Flowers look good in engraved glass vases and fruit may taste better from them.


Engraved glass gifts can be in the form of awards, and are great for expressing gratitude for a friend. To give just a few examples, they can be for:

“the world’s greatest friend”
“someone special who goes that extra mile”

They can also be humorous:

“The eternally late award”
“The best tea maker award”
“The leaky headphone award”


Engraved glass gifts do not have to be expensive. For example, you can purchase an engraved brandy glass for less than £10 including engraving. This is a quality gift, but you could choose a premium quality WhiteFire optical crystal award that costs over £100.

Engraved glass gifts are personalised presents that show that you have taken extra care over your gift choices, and will likely be appreciated much more than a pack of socks or a spiraliser vegetable cutter!

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