Engraved glass gifts – your questions answered

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Not sure where to begin when choosing engraved glass gifts? With a wide range of products and materials available, various decorating techniques and a price scale to match, here are a few commonly asked questions that might make selection easier when you read their answers:

Why choose glass and crystal?

Glass and crystal exude elegance and prestige, and have a versatility that shines through in different decorating techniques like no other material. The perceived value of crystal has always been high, appealing to both women and men as a classy and expensive product. When given as an award or gift, the recipient feels valued and special when presented with a piece of beautiful engraved crystal glass. Crystal glass also has a durability and timeless quality that is not found in other materials.

What engraved glass gifts are available?

The variety of glass gifts on offer is vast. Whether the occasion is a wedding, anniversary, birthday or to be presented at a special award ceremony, there is much to choose from. Bespoke, custom-made items specially commissioned may not be in everyone’s price bracket, but there are plenty of high quality and unique products readily available to be personalised; for example, goblets and wine bottles, crystal paperweights, drinks coasters, letter openers, candle holders, vases and clocks, or matching crystal wine glasses and decanters. Glass art is growing in popularity and contemporary designs can be rather eye-catching and distinctive.

What decorations are available for glass and crystal?

Obviously, personalisation is one of the most important factors when selecting engraved glass gifts. Adding a message by engraving is a way of ensuring the recipient knows exactly why they have been given the gift or award. A heartfelt sentiment or congratulatory message for a job well done goes a long way to making that person feel special and valued. There are also other options to choose; a splash of colour to a contemporary gift via UV printing is one, or for that extra luxurious look, gold-leaf can give glass a rich and expensive feel.

Are engraved glass gifts expensive?

The perceived value of glass and crystal is usually quite high. Carefully looked after, the material will stay in pristine condition for a very long time.

An engraved glass gift has a high-end appeal that will be well received by the recipient, and a piece of optic crystal glass will refract light like no other. As for price, engraved glass gifts are no different to other gifts, they will come in between two widely varying price ranges. Luckily, the marketplace today can cater for every pocket, without compromising on quality or beauty. Engraved glass gifts chosen with care and love will have as much perceived value whether they have cost £2,000 or £20.

Engraved glass gifts are the perfect choice for so many occasions, and with the extensive variety available today, finding the ideal one should not be too hard.

Choosing a long-lasting and beautiful gift with meaning and value, and that also makes the recipient feel special while looking great too, is a tall order to fill. Picking engraved glass gifts is the ideal solution and one that will bring pleasure for many years to come.

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