An engraved gin glass – a special gift

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Today is World Gin Day, and there has been reassurance in gin drinking, with many start-up distillers offering specialised and flavoured gins.

In theory, you can drink gin from any glass, but a personalised engraved gin glass adds to the pleasure of tasting these new types of the juniper-based beverage.

The gin glass

Many people, like to drink gin as a long drink with tonic and ice in a rounded glass, sometimes known as the Copa de Balon, This bowl glass traps the aromas of the gin to make it taste better.

These glasses are said to have evolved from the red wine glasses that Michelin Starred Spanish chefs used to serve gin in. These chefs are dedicated to discovering how the shape and quality of glasses enhance the flavours of drinks.

The Copa de Balon glass with several ice cubes keeps the gin cold until the last drop has been drunk.

Other glasses

The glass you drink gin from is a personal choice. Though experts recommend Copa de Balon glasses, you do not have to follow their advice. You may prefer a long glass, or, if you take your flavoured gin neat or with a little mixer, a small whiskey type glass can be just the job.

The quality of the glass matters. For a touch of luxury, choose crystal glass either plain or with a cut glass design.

Making the gin glass special

What makes the gin glass unique is the engraving. A personal message that expresses how you feel about the recipient will make them feel special.

If you want to give something extra, present a loved one with a bottle of fine craft gin and an engraved gin glass in a presentation box.

Engraved gin glasses can celebrate a special occasion, a wedding, anniversary, Christmas, or they can mark an achievement, getting engaged, a promotion, passing an exam, or the driving test.

An engraved gin glass can simply be given to say thank you for a friend or family member who has supported you at a difficult time.

Engraved gin glasses make ideal business gifts to special clients, or to reward staff that have been extra productive, made more sales or provided excellent customer service,

An engraved gin glass shows that you are thoughtful and caring about your gift choice.

Low alcohol alternatives

For health, ethical or other reasons, some people avoid alcohol. Drivers want good-tasting alcohol-free alternatives to spirits, wine and beer. A number of distillers are making non-alcoholic versions of spirits. These used to be mainly found in high-end cocktail bars, but now some supermarkets are stocking a range of non-alcohol or low alcohol spirits. Like gin, these spirits can be mixed with tonic and drunk out of an engraved gin glass. People who do not want to drink alcohol but want an adult-tasting refined alternative, have the pleasure of enjoying a gin-like drink without the intoxicating effects.

Next time you are struggling to think of a special present for a special person, consider engraved gin glasses.

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