Why engraved crystal gifts are special

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An engraved crystal gift is a unique way of making a present special.

Choosing a gift for someone you care about can take time and effort. Many people appear to have got everything they need, so it is difficult to buy something that they have not got. Perhaps you do not know them that well, and this makes it difficult to choose something you will be certain that they like, or don’t already have. Engraved glass gifts with a personalised message will be appreciated and treasured.

The message

What makes an engraved crystal gift stand out is the message engraved on it. You can be creative when composing the message. Perhaps mark the gift as an award for “my best friend”, “the best father in the world”, “the greatest neighbour there is” and so on. The gift could be in the form of a crystal award.

Sometimes people find it hard to put into words how much they appreciate someone. An engraved crystal gift does not need many words to communicate your depth of feeling.

Some people like to engrave an inspiring quote from their favourite author or role model.

An engraved glass trophy engraved with the recipient’s name makes the perfect gift to celebrate employee’s achievements., or it can be given for the winners of a sporting event.

An image or logo can be added to the crystal gift as well as text. The message and the image engraved on the crystal gift makes it your own and will remind the recipient of you, and how special you think they are.

A special occasion

On special occasions, people give cards. There are cards available for all sorts of occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and Mother’s Day. If someone is ill. a ‘get well soon’ card can cheer them up.

Sometimes, a card is not enough. Engraved crystal gifts can say much more about how special someone is and how you care for them.

The cost

An engraved crystal gift is a luxury item that does not have to cost a lot. You can spend over £100 on an elegant engraved Earle crystal wine glass, but you can also purchase crystal awards for around £20 including engraving. No matter what you pay for an engraved crystal gift, it will always look like a quality luxury item.

There are many engraved crystal items to suit all budgets, including awards, glasses, vases, bowls and plates.

The gift that lasts

An engraved crystal gift is a lifetime gift. Most people like to display an engraved crystal gift in their homes, or on the desk at work. It’s a constant reminder of the person who gave them the gift. Unlike many gifts, engraved glass does not wear out, does not need batteries or recharging. An occasional clean with a soft cloth is all that’s needed to maintain the gift. The only thing to be careful of is to never drop the crystal item onto a hard floor!

For a special gift that lasts, choose crystal engraved with your unique message.

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