Engraved crystal gifts – personal and unique

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Personalised gifts are increasingly popular becasue they show that you have taken extra care in choosing a gift. Engraved crystal gifts are a luxury present that is sure to please.


Personalised gifts are ideal for giving to someone you are in a relationship with. It shows that you care for your partner and can increase the feeling of intimacy. It confirms the connection between two people and is a way to celebrate a union.

Every occasion

Give engraved crystal gifts for any occasion, whether birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, to mark achievements, getting that dream job, passing an exam or qualifying to drive. The gift does not have to be for a special occasion though – why not give one as a surprise?

For everyone

There is an engraved crystal gift for everyone. The person in your life who likes beer will love a crystal tankard. People with a taste for luxury like crystal champagne flutes. A glass award in the shape of a football shirt will be appreciated by someone who has won a place in the team.

Employers like to give engraved crystal gifts to reward the outstanding performance of their staff. Sports clubs give crystal trophies for teams and individuals who win important competitions.


Businesses can give engraved crystal gifts to their important clients. Customers appreciate generous gestures and will likely respond by remaining loyal to a brand.

Many types of crystal gifts

There are many choices for engraved glass gifts. Though you could go for plain glass, crystal glass provides that extra touch of luxury for a little extra cost. Gifts can be practical like drinkware, clocks, decanters, bowls and vases, or there are glass trophies and awards available.

In the drinkware range, there are tankards, champagne flutes, brandy glasses, wine glasses, whiskey glasses, highball glasses, shot glasses and more.

Crystal glass clocks are popular as retirement presents, though they can be given on other occasions. Meanwhile, crystal domed paperweights may not always be used to weigh down paper, but they are elegant looking and look great displayed on any flat surface.

Crystal awards come in many elegant styles and shapes, including star shapes, globes columns and ones featuring coloured glass.

For extra luxury, choose Whitefire Optical Crystal, which is sure to impress everyone who sees it.

Heartfelt messages

Crystal gifts can be engraved with any message, but be sure to include the recipient’s name in the words to make it truly personal. You can also add the date when the gift was given.

The engraving is an opportunity to express how you fell about someone. You can say how much they are appreciated, or simply thank them for being there for you. The glass engraver has a selection of fonts to use and a logo can be included.

Engraved crystal awards can be purchased in luxury presentation boxes. People love opening the special box to reveal the gift inside.

Next time you are finding it difficult to choose a gift for someone special, get them an engraved crystal gift.

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